About All Things African and Beyond...

Born and raised in South Africa, I have long had a passion for the colour and vibrancy that reflects this beautiful continent.

Working with local crafters in Sub Saharan Africa, I showcase the incredibly rich history of intricate beading that has been done for generations and is still thriving – this is reflected in the products that are for sale all handmade either by me or a selected group of crafters – from jewellery to beaded wildlife pieces. Each piece is slightly different in its design and workmanship, no two pieces are identical.

Also design and showcase my own handmade necklaces/bracelets based on the skills taught to me by the Navajo as well as the use of semi precious stones.

Accessories from all over the World

To complement the beading, scarves, ceramics, picnic blankets, reversible beach bags, potholders and Christmas decorations are also for sale.

As I travel extensively around the world I also showcase jewellery from the Navajo tribe , scarves from Bali , Mongolia/China and India, as well as ceramics from Aboriginal Australia and cotton hats.

I also regularly do craft fairs in the UK. View the latest market schedule by clicking the link below.

Beauty vs function

Explore with us the connection between beauty, function and culture as you browse our collections and envision them impacting your own world.